A remembrance

Olivia wanted a special place to keep her special bracelet I made for her.  It has charms on it that are, a dog’s paw print (they got Buster on her birthday), craft charm, geocaching charm, birthday cake charm, and a softball glove charm.

Birthday Girl

Yes, I know her birthday was two weeks ago but last weekend it snowed and having a pool party was out of the question.  Yesterday our temperature was 102 degrees so having a pool party was a pretty good idea.  (The temperature swings this spring have been wild).  Six hours later, most of it in the water at the water park, Olivia was a happy, happy girl.  And the best part, no one got sunburnt!




Sammy wanted scrapbook ‘big time’ meaning more than just paper but with other things to put on the page.  So we went to work.  This is her using the paper cutter and the finished page.  She was so proud of herself and her talents…me too!